Friday, August 31, 2012

Download Olympus SP-810UZ Digital Camera Instruction Manual

Download Olympus SP-810UZ Digital Camera Instruction Manual - Olympus’ SP series aims to push the ultrazoom class additional, squeeze ever-longer zoom ratios into bodies solely slightly larger than a compact system camera. The SP-810UZ is that the most formidable to this point, speech act an incredible 36x lens, one in every of the longest we’ve ever seen. however we all know from expertise that extreme focal lengths typically manufacture worse image quality. sturdy device performance and knowledgeable lens activity are needed to form this intriguing model stand out.

This SP-810UZ handbook contains Names of components, Camera Settings, victimisation the Menu, Menu Index, making ready the Camera, Shooting, Playback, and Erasing, victimisation Shooting Modes, victimisation Shooting Functions, victimisation the Playback Functions, Menus for Shooting Functions, Menus for Playback, Editing, and Printing Functions, Menus for different Camera Settings, Printing, Usage Tips, Appendix.
Filesize: 2.5 MB
Filetype: PDF
Download Olympus SP-810UZ Instruction Manual Here

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