Monday, September 10, 2012

KUPA X11 Tabelt PC User Manual Guide

KUPA X11 Tabelt PC User Manual Guide - KUPA X11 Tabelt laptop may be a lovely Windows 7 tablet. The KUPA X11 is running Windows 7 with the newest Service pack. It offers extra package: bluetooth and fingerprint reader software. Windows 7 is incredibly finger and stylus friendly. that the KUPA X11 comes with helpful stylus. The tablet contains a virtual keyboard that slides out of the means once not in use.

The KUPA X11 Tabelt laptop combined glass and Al finishes for stylish look. The X11 is on the thick facet, activity at 14.8 mm. it's square edges and flat back. round the pill, you'll realize Associate in Nursing assortments of ports. There ar 2 USB ports, a 3.5mm earphone jack, GSM Sim Card slot (Optional 3G Connectivity), and a proprietary AC adapter for charging. On the front, the KUPA X11 Tabelt laptop boasts pc.1? light-emitting diode back lit screen with a resolution of 1366 by 768. The viewing angles ar tight. The screen is ideal for internet browsing. Text was simple to browse and pictures were sensible.

Inside, the X11is steam-powered by a 1.5 GHz Intel processor and 2GB of DDR Ram. With these, you'll be able to see however sensible the video process was. 1080p video on YouTube contend tight. Overall, KUPA X11 Tabelt pc may be a nice tablet that gives pleasant Windows 7 expertise. 

Table of Contents KUPA X11 User Manual:
  • Quick Start
  • Unpack
  • Check content
  • Connect power cord
  • Boot up X11
  • Operation Manual
  • Common Operation
  • Express Setup
  • Boot up X11
  • Shutdown X11
  • Quick Sleep/Wakeup
  • Charging
  • Pen and Touch screen calibration
  • Setting display resolution
  • Adjust the display orientation
  • Adjust display orientation autorotation
  • Drivers
  • Update hardware drivers in Windows7 system
  • Network
  • Connect the Internet
  • Configuring Wi-Fi Connection
  • Connecting to 3G Network
  • X11 pen
  • Hand writing and drawing
  • Touchscreen Operation
  • Troubleshooting
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